Support the pressing of Tellavision’s pre-‘brand new’ album “Funnel Walk”

Freshly from the oven: Yes, there is a new Tellavision album. With great music on it. We can tell you it’s an awesome record for sure, all it needs is that little extra push. FROM YOU! In order to make this thing happen and make a beautiful 12” Vinyl album and a batch of fancy CDs, Tellavision kindly asks for your help. On you can order the album right away in many different configurations… they will be delivered to every supporter before Christmas (oh how time flies when you’re having fun), that means WEEKS before anyone else can have it. Cool, huh? Come show this fine lady your love, will ya?

Oh we did not mention yet that on is a great new song called “Haters You Love” which you can listen and shake your hips to all week? And did we tell you about the brilliant 8Bit video you’ll find there? Don’t miss out on the hot stuff and get over here!


Plus: Niedervolthoudini Promotion kindly keeps you up to date.

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