(A x 13′) + (B x 13′) = C-26

Here come, from HONEYHEADS to you, our six madcap cassette tracks that may be juggled from disco to disco in 2012. It’s
A1: Goodwill St. (Never Gonna Give Dub Up) by AUFA!FIKRI! > 5:35
A2: Listen, It’s Gone! RMX by CHOMOLUNGMAS KLEID > 4:00
A3: Saturday: Remix #3 by WILL BUDBERRY > 2:52
B1: SEBUS & JOÃO GECK Samedi Remix > 7:14
B2: Linda, Linda (Broken Toy Mix) by DORMOUSE > 2:15
B3: Forever Street by NACHTIGALL > 2:23.
Please have a close look and a listen at the rmxing artist pages, and don’t be shy of giving Caspar, the cover artist, a feedback!

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