Big Saturday

Whoa, what a week! Well, actually it started more than a week ago, when we prepared for our release party at Hamburg’s best-looking venue, Prinzenbar on February 5. The “Hit The North” collective  made possible we played with The Garlands. Not only is their music pretty cool, but they’re also really nice folks.  And the place was packed. And we did play a decent show, I guess. With Leif and Tilman of Tripping The Light Fantastic as our very special guests, the latter having produced four songs on the album, the former having written a big part of the tunes. It looked a little like this:

Photo by Sven Kares

Thanks to everyone involved for making this album & the release show possible – it was a very special night for all of us. Then last weekend, we applied for Indietracks, fingers crossed…

Martina & her graphic novel “rpm” & “Trivia About Honeyheads” were featured on Hamburg’s only independent radio station FSK. Roque of Cloudberry Records wrote some flattering words about us; we’re proudly showing them to the world in the Trivia section of our page.

You’ll also find the first big magazine feature about us. It’s a whole page (in German). This has been a good year so far… We just uploaded a new track on Bandcamp. It was one of our first songs ever & it’s approximately 15 years old. Anne, who was our singer then, wrote it. We’re very happy we finally recorded it now. Jörg Milling’s production is astonishing & superb…the basic tracks were recorded in our moldy rehearsal room…but that’s not audible anymore, izzit? Mr. Milling, what would we be doing without you?

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