Doo Doo, a Saturday before Christmas

Bon soir, Ladies & Gentlemen!

Whoa, this has been one hell of a December, but what can we say? Let’s remember the words of the black-belt grandmaster of rhetorics, Samuel L. Goldwyn: “We paid too much for it, but it was worth it!” What all the fuss is about: we finally got our album ready and the vinyl is currently being pressed. The nicest Christmas present we could make to ourselves. Everybody inside Honeycomb HQ is still über psyched and cannot wait to listen to the test pressings. The actual release of Trivia About Honeyheads is in March, but we couldn’t wait to show something to the world in advance…we chose the last song we recorded for the LP, which is at the same time one of the oldest songs on it…for approximately fifteen years it has been our constant companion, so next year it will be legal to drink beer. Our former singer, Anne, wrote the ditty which we already once recorded on a four-track cassette around 1996 – you can listen to in on OurSpace. And here goes the new version:

…and there are 13 other songs on the album…

Honeyheads can happily say this was not everything that happened this month. Despites getting all the promo stuff together, we played an instore gig to earn our right to be on the sampler that was being released. Theme of the compilation: bands that had played at Lockengelöt, Hamburg’s finest re-make/re-model store. Also featured on the double album: Schwervon!, The Calorifer Is Very Hot!, Tripping The Light Fantastic and the Television Personalities. I vividly remember the latters’ gig there. I had missed their “proper” concert the day before because I went to The Wave Pictures‘ show instead – on of the best concerts ever. But the TVPs‘ instore gig was unforgettable as well. Especially for me, who went to the show with messy hair, my brown leather jacket and a black and white houndstooth pattern scarf. As I arrived, Dan Treacy came out of the store, walked past me and shyly welcomed me: “Hi, Bob!” Throughout the show, he made Bob Dylan jokes…But the concert was also great because, um… because it just was a great concert!

Anyhow, our contribution to the compilation is an exclusive version of “It’s So Temptin'” with a great organ played by Carsten, one of the store’s owners. And it has got Trumpet, too.

This much for the Christmas presents…there’s also lotsa Honey to come in 2011. Apart from the album release in March (via Marsh-Marigold Records), there is a more than very nice treat to kickstart the new year: a limited 3″ CD compilation on Cloudberry Records – 5 songs in 5 languages by 5 bands.

We hope you enjoy it. And also do enjoy this year’s last couple of days – merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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