Lovers, not workers, are nailing it

We’re lovers, not workers. And if we work, we do it for the things we love. And if we need money, yes, there’s labour. We’re trying to avoid it ‘cause it’s depressing. But sometimes it can’t be avoided – for example, if you have to press an album. And as we do it for love, it’s got to be vinyl. We’re finally doing it and it’s very exciting. Our big piece of lovecraft is going to be called Trivia About Honeyheads and will be released via Marsh-Marigold Records in early 2011.

2010 has been a pretty busy and agitated year for Honeyheads – and especially the last couple of weeks. We spent a lot of time in the studio, finished the album, played one of our very rare acoustic shows in which we merged Honeyheads and Big Ideas and invited friends to join in (thanks, Carrie, Malte & Simon!). Telly folks were there and recorded the gig – hopefully everybody to make it makes it on the screen, soon – it might have been our best & most fun concerts so far. We also played in a train wagon for the first time, which is an experience we highly recommend! But now we’re focusing on one very important thing: our first vinyl. You can already see the cover – which was made by Martina Honeyhead and is based on a motive Henning’s brother drew 15 years ago – on our discography page.

This December, Christmas definitely won’t be the most exciting thing for us. We’re looking forward to promoting our album and we’ll be on a Compilation coming out on the 16th. More news on that soon. But for now, just this: it’ll be vinyl only, feature an exclusive version of “It’s So Temptin'” and the Television Personalities and Tripping The Light Fantastic are on it, too! Plus, it appears we’re playing at the release party…reasons galore for us to be seriously psyched this month!

Elegantly clumsy, eloquent and handsome, we’re stumbling through Hamburg’s snow…tumbling towards the most promising year of the band’s history…mumbling backwards capitalist ideas in order to make the system crumble, fumbling for the talisman in the tweed jacket’s inside pocket.

Most humbly yours


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